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Complete text editor with different characteristics that turn it into perfect instruments for the programmer. UltraEdit-32 may work with several files simultaneously; it shows different colour for syntaxes in each language. You may drag and drop in files in its interface.

It allows for column and hexadecimal edition and its tool bar may be personalized so as to be more comfortable.


  1. Widely considered the defacto standard in Text and programmers editors
  2. Nominated/Winner "Application of the Year" and other coveted Industry Awards year-after-year
  3. TOP RATED by PC Magazine and Download.com senior editorial staff
  4. Published by a debt-free, US-based, CISP Compliant software corporation for 12-plus years
  5. Renowned support: Got a problem? Feature request? Need a quote? We are here to help...
  6. Editor of choice for millions of users and Fortune 100, 500, 1000 corporations
  7. Featured internationally in numerous magazines, websites, books, and more...
  8. Hundreds of available features and incredibly customizable
  9. New Release and Updates published several times per year - Fully localized in 8 languages.
10. Comes with UltraCompare Lite FREE, One-Year Upgrades FREE, and lifetime Support...


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UltraEdit-32 13.00

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